Truck Access
The key to an easy removal is easy access to your premises. Once you know the time of arrival of your furniture removalist, ensure you speak to your neighbours. Discuss the possibility of disrupted access & where necessary, arrange alternate parking places.
Assess your walkways, footpaths, stairs & passageways & ensure they are clear & free from any obstructions. Clear access should be available wherever possible to make your removal as easy as possible.
If an elevator is needed, or communal parking space is required, please book these in advance and/or speak with your Body Corporate.
On the day of removal, stay calm & patient and your move will be completed with the minimum of fuss. Remember, we are professionals, and our aim is to move your belongings with care.

Packing Tips
Some of these tips may seem obvious, but in the stressful time of moving, people can forget these simple pieces of advice that will make packing & moving much easier;

  • Start early – we recommend 2 to 3 weeks in advance.
  • Keep only the essential items out for the last few days.
  • Prepare for packing by ensuring you have sufficient packing materials
    o Boxes
    o Packing tape
    o Butchers paper
    o Bubble wrap
    o Marking pens
  • Be cautious of Newspaper! Remember that newspaper print rubs off – if this is an issue for the items you are wrapping, consider bubble wrap or clean butchers paper.
  • Clearly mark all boxes containing delicate items with “FRAGILE”.
  • When packing, please ensure that your boxes and cartons are not overloaded – remember that they need to be lifted and stacked. Pack heavier items, such as books in smaller boxes. Our removalists are strong, but there is no need to test them!
  • Devise your own system but keep it simple and ensure that it will allow you to easily identify where everything is when packed. For example you could use numbered labels and cross refer these to a list or notebook.

Never Overfill Your Boxes!
Also, overfilled or boxes that are too heavy may give way if put under too much strain.

Never Underfill Your Boxes!
Should you underfill your boxes, they may collapse if heavier boxes are put on top of them. Distribute weight as evenly as possible and fill each box to the top. If you are unable to fill right to the top, use a towel or similar to make up the extra room. This is also handy to provide extra padding between boxed items!

General Tips
  • Mark each box with a number, the name of the room it is to be delivered to, and a general description of its contents. Make up a list to help you to record what's in each box or container. Keep this record handy, and it will make unpacking & getting settled after your removal much easier.
  • Wherever possible, use your suitcases & luggage to pack your personal belonging. It saves on double packaging.
  • Don’t pack important documents – keep these with you so you know where they are at all times should you need them during your move.
  • Ensure all liquids are contained in leak proof containers. Individually wrap items in plastic bags to minimise any spillages.
  • All pantry items should be removed from the cupboard, all jar lids & packages secured & packed prior to the removalists attending.
  • Lamps should have their shades removed & bases wrapped & packed individually. Take care in packing delicate lampshades.
  • Take care with flat pack furniture. Some will move easily, and other items will require disassembly. If you need advice on a particular item, please contact us to discuss. If you need to disassemble an item, ensure all components (nuts, bolts, Allen Keys etc) are kept with you in a snap lock bag. DO NOT pack this or tape it to the disassembled item!!!
  • Any fridge or freezer items should be run down as much as possible in the time before the move. Anything remaining should either be discarded or moved with you in an eski. Please assess this based on the time between dwellings.
  • Remove any keys from filing cabinets and display units prior to their removal. Put them in a snap lock bag & keep them with you. DO NOT tape them to the item as they may get knocked off & lost.  They may also damage the item they are taped to. Country Capital Removals accepts no responsibility for lost keys or damages where keys are taped to an item.
  • Most beds require disassembly – please plan ahead for this. Remember to keep all components together in a snap lock bag. DO NOT tape them to the item.
  • Ensure that any garden equipment is clean & drained of fuel well before your removalists arrive. PLEASE NOTE THAT COUNTRY CAPITAL REMOVALS WILL NOT TAKE FLAMMABLE ITEMS INCLUDING FUEL & GAS TANKS.
  • Pot Plants can be difficult to move. They can often be affected by paint fumes and dust. Maybe leaving them with a friend or neighbour until you are settled in would be better than moving them immediately.
  • Depending on the age of your children (if you have any), it may be worth considering a babysitter for the day the furniture removals attend your home. If you are having your furniture removalists attend on a school day you may not need this.
  • Pets are another consideration during removals. They are better off being relocated to a friend or neighbour during your move.
  • You should plan your meals for the day of removal (and maybe a day either side) in advance, or consider takeaway. Keeping out cooking utensils and ingredients during a move can turn your place upside down!

Should you need any other tips and tricks to make you furniture removal experience as easy and stress free as possible, please feel free to contact us at any time!


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